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Last week I headed to the Metricon head office in Mt Waverley to attend one of their Build Smart Series events. These events are held regularly and are open to the public, however you do need to register your attendance on their website as spaces are limited.

This particular evening was all about colour trends and styling for 2018, which is of particular interest to me.

We became home owners for the first time this year and after many years of renting, the concept of being able to do whatever I like on with our walls is still new to me, but super exciting.

Our house is a mix of Edwardian and California Bungalow style at the front, with a modern extension at the back. I have always loved the idea of using classic, traditional styling with furniture but using what I consider ‘young, bold’ colours in fabrics and furnishings. Like pretty much the rest of Australia though, I always planned on using ‘white’ on walls and ceilings, thinking that it would keep things bright and create a sense of space. As I learnt on Thursday night, this is not always the case and colour plays such an important role in building the mood of a room.

The presenters on the night were Dulux’s colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr, who travels the world extensively in order to predict the year’s colour trends (can I have her job?!), and Creative Director extraordinaire Bree Leech who assists in creating the trend predictions and helps bring them to life. These ladies were super knowledgeable, insightful and inspiring! I came away from their presentation feeling excited to make bolder choices that will create mood and transform the rooms in our home.

Andrea assured us that once you have lived in a space with colour, you wont be able to live without it.

So what colours are ‘in’ for 2018 and beyond? In a nutshell…

  • After years and years of seeing lots of white, beige is back baby! Yup, beige and warmer neautrals are returning.
  • Pinks are sticking around- not the blue toned ones though. The pinks we will see coming through are soft, skin toned shades which are very easy to live with and work as a neutral.
  • Burgandy and Terracotta are also making a resurgence and can be used in beautiful ways. Think terracotta paired against charcoal grey hues.

‘Balance’ is the name of the Dulux Colour Trends 2018. Balance consists of a colour palette with four trends which I’m sure would cover everyone’s taste. The following text and images are all from the Dulux website.

KINSHIP A combination of rich, earthy hues intermingled with cosy, neutral shades makes up the Kinship palette. These are colours to lift you up with their positivity while keeping you snug with their warmth.

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ESSENTIAL The Essential trend’s calm and nurturing palette draws on the soft warmth of leathers, a pop of bold blue, and the beautiful imperfections of aging materials in rusted tones.

© 2017 Dulux

ESCAPADE The Escapade trend channels a tropical holiday vibe with a heady combination of saturated colours, thrown into relief by cool mints, deep teals and powdery pinks.

© 2017 Dulux

REFLECT The Reflect trend’s moody scheme draws on the splendour of jewel tones to create an opulent yet tastefully elegant colour palette.

© 2017 Dulux

You can head to the Dulux website to view the palettes in detail and see more amazing inspirational images of the colours in play, and styled to perfection.

After the presentation we headed into Studio M for delicious canapes, drinks and to get hands-on creating a mood board.

As you can see from my mood board, I was a massive fan of the ‘Reflect’ trend and the way that deeper colours can create a sense of romance and luxury. This was my first time creating a mood board and it was super fun to get my ‘craft’ on. The insightful Metricon staff, Andrea and Bree, were on hand to assist and answer any questions.

If you are planning on building in the future I highly recommend keeping an eye on the Metricon ‘Build Smart Series’ workshops here. It’s a great way to stay informed about the building process, new trends and an opportunity to ask questions. It’s not often that you have experts giving you this information for free.

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