My baby bag is like my third child. It’s a staple that comes with us everywhere and I actually feel weird leaving the house without it. Before I get into what’s inside mine, I’ll quickly tell you the story behind my baby bag and how I came to settle on the one I love, because I’m super picky and highly recommend mine.

When I was pregnant with Poppy I read an article about baby products you really don’t need. It was focused on items like wipe warmers and nappy disposal units…but it got me thinking, and I decided one of the things I could do without was a nappy/diaper/baby bag. All the ones I had seen were (in my opinion) overly expensive for a bag that screamed ‘baby bag’ and I knew I wouldn’t use them again after kids. At the time I liked the idea of using my LV Neverfull as a diaper bag because I had paid a lot of money for it and figured I could get away with using it because it’s so massive.
That didn’t last long. After Poppy was born I quickly realised that with the amount of stuff you have to compile before you leave the house with a baby, and the amount of leakages that eventually occur, I needed a bag with custom compartments and waterproof sections, I didn’t want to ruin my good one.
Time slipped away and I ended up using a cheapie from Target (that I absolutely hated) for the next 2 years.

When I got pregnant with Teddy I decided I was going to get the things I wished I’d had with Poppy to make my life easier; a great nappy bag was at the top of my list. I obsessed over nappy bags on Instagram. I screen-shotted them and had lengthy conversations about them with pregnant friends via text messages. By the time Teddy came along I still hadn’t made up my mind.

Then Teddy and I were invited along to be part of a Budu Baby photo shoot and I saw their baby bags in the flesh for the first time.

I was lucky enough to be gifted one of the bags from the shoot and I have raved about it to anyone that will listen ever since- not because it was gifted, but because it’s without a doubt my favourite and most-used baby product of all time.

I’ve got the tan one (Eep! It’s SO luxe and gorgeous!). It’s made from high quality leather (I was breathing in the smell for months) and has SO MANY useful compartments that I have navigated the past 8 months using it every day, and in the future I’ll be able to use it as an overnight or carry-on bag for because it’s actually a beautiful bag in itself.

For a short time I used one compartment for Poppy’s things, one compartment for Teddy’s things and one compartment for myself.

These days I use one compartment for Teddy’s nappies, one compartment is dedicated to food/snacks for all of us and the last compartment generally contains my own bit and pieces.

So what’s inside my baby bag?

Teddy’s section

Joonya Baby Wipes– I was sent these to try and I love, love, love everything that this family business stands for. These wipes are suitable for sensitive newborn skin and those that suffer with skin conditions as all ingredients are non-toxic & effective. The packaging is gorgeous (you can see them in one of the above pics) and if you head here you can read about why the ingredients they use set them apart.
-Change mat- I use the Little Space from Bella Buttercup
-Barrier cream- Loving Mustela at the moment (again, no perfumes, no preservatives and 98% of ingredients are of natural origin)
-Plastic nappy bags

My section
-Tissues (these are mainly for the kids and I usually grab a big wad every time we all leave the house)
-Another packet of Joonya wipes for wiping hands/mess off tables.
Thank You Hand cream (another brand I love and try to support)
Lip balm at the moment I use the treatment from Mecca because my lips are super dry
-Extra onesie/outfit for Teddy
-My purse
-Portable phone charger
-Poppy’s drink bottle
-A random assortment of lipsticks that seem to pile up with good intentions, but which I never use whilst out of the house.

Third section
-One ‘nice’ bib for Teddy to wear if he’s drooling (surely I’m not the only one who has ‘nice’ bibs for when you leave the house?)
-A second bib that I know will get covered in food when he eats
-Some snacks. If I know we are going to be out for a long time I’ll take a lunchbox separately but I always have a handful of snacks in the bag for if we get caught out (savoury and sweet baby food pouches, puffed rice, baby rusks and some muesli bars for Poppy and myself)
-Teething gel
-A few teething toys inside a zip lock bag so they don’t collect dirt and crumbs which Poppy will inevitably get inside my bag despite my best efforts to keep it pristine.

Depending on what we’re doing, before we leave the house I’ll throw in
-Hair elastics/bows for Poppy
-Hats for both kids
-Socks for the kids and myself if there’s a chance we will end up at a play centre
-Sippy cup or bottle for Teddy

That’s it! I know thats a lot of stuff but I feel very confident we can go out for quite some time with all of these items. Do you have anything in your baby bag that I don’t pack? Please comment below and tell me, I love this stuff!

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