Recently Poppy and I dolled ourselves up matchy-matchy style and attended the Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by Metricon.
One great benefit of living in Melbourne is definitely the exposure to variety of cultures and I’m so glad that my children have opportunities to learn about significant cultural events like the Lunar New Year.
We enjoyed a lion dance showcase, Poppy decorated traditional bamboo hats and had her name written out by a master calligrapher.

We were super excited to meet Master Chef 2017 winner Diana Chan, try her amazing food and watch her demonstrate how to create the night’s delicious menu.

Diana is such a warm, gracious person and it’s now on my bucket list to try the satay dish at her new Asian street food concept restaurant here in Melbourne, Chanteen.

Diana involved children in her cooking demonstrations and set them to work making dumplings. She did it so effortlessly and given that she lives and breathes food (where I, on the other hand, have only a handful of signature dishes which my kids won’t even eat)  I’ve asked her to share her three top tips for getting kids involved in the kitchen.

Diana’s tips for getting kids involved in the Kitchen

  • Make food that is easy to follow and not too complicated; that it puts them off cooking completely
  • Incorporate food with vibrant colours to help with nutrition and kids love colourful things
  • Create a veggie patch, even if it is a small one, at home and take the kids grocery shopping or to the fresh food market so that they understand the provenance of food and where it comes from


Here are some some pics from our night inside the grand Doulton display home in Burwood. Thanks so much to Metricon for having us.


Rice Pudding flavoured ice creams

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