I thought I’d write a little update on this pregnancy seeing as it’s getting to the pointy end of things now. This experience has been so vastly different to my previous pregnancies but right now I do feel prepared.
I’m listing all of the things I am doing differently this time around as well as the products I have been using throughout this trimester and those I’m looking forward to having on hand when our new baby arrives.

What I’ve Added to my Hospital bag (make that bagS)

I know there’s a million lists online about what to pack and they overwhelm me a little so I’m just following the list provided by my hospital which is quite comprehensive with a list of what to pack for labour as well as during the hospital stay for mum, baby and dad/partner. Right now I’ll just detail the extra things I’ve added or changes I’ve made for this time around.
I won’t have any visitors due to the current COVID19 restrictions so I don’t really need to worry about clothing or even a robe, as no-one is going to see me. Whilst comfort is my highest priority, I still want to look nice because it makes me feel 100% better if I look semi-put together and I know I will want to get photos with my little newborn whilst they are teeny tiny. I purchased a few Cotton On Body sets of PJs/loungewear because they’ll be comfortable/respectable and I figure if I end up having a C section I’ll want to be living in loose loungewear. I also picked up a couple of cosy looking oversized knits from Zara, and a pair of Lululemon Align Super-High Rise leggings because I have heard they’re buttery soft so they’ll be perfect for going home in.

My hospital recommends bringing heat/cool packs (no wheat packs allowed) and I was lucky enough to receive a Body Ice Woman Maternity Care pack a little while ago. Whilst I haven’t used them yet, I already know these will be a lifesaver as I’m recovering and my milk comes in. I ended up getting mastitis twice with Teddy and these would have been amazing at the time- as a third time mum I definitely recommend this pack as it certainly beats frozen veggies or a wet face washer!

I kept my old nursing bras, but I was never in love with the shape they gave me. This time around I have some Bravado Designs nursing bras and a classic nursing cami which are made from the most incredibly soft material. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra gives a really nice, smooth shape under clothing. I have also packed Washable nursing pads this time, also from Bravado- they’re better for the environment and will be more comfortable and easy to pop in than having to stick papery/plastic disposable ones to the inside of my bra.

Preparing for Baby- AKA Getting My Clean Freak On

We have used the same cot, pram, change table, and capsule for each baby so they are all out of storage and cleaned.
I was ready to book them in for a professional clean but figured they really weren’t in too bad a condition. I decided to have a go at using YouTube videos to find out how to take apart the capsule and pram and give them a professional-style clean. I didn’t have high hopes and was ready to book in to a professional if this idea failed, but it was actually super easy and they now look brand new. If you want to do the same, I highly recommend The Stroller Workshop videos on YouTube. Whenever I took any soft/material parts off the capsule or pram, I machine washed them in Softly Delicates Fabric Solution (from major supermarkets) and they came out looking and smelling amazing.

Baby Products at the Top of My Wish List

In terms of new products I am lucky to be working with The Stork Nest, a one stop online shop for all things baby, featuring many of my favourite brands. Being third time around, I already have a pretty good idea about how our family/living situation will work with a newborn and this helped me when selecting products.

I really had my eyes set on the Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper this time around. This is an award-winning, ventilated moses basket which can be moved around the house easily and as needed. I intend on having this sitting right next to our bed for nighttime feeds. It’s large (bigger than standard moses baskets), designed around Sleep Safe expert advice and is easy to clean. It doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eye and looks great in my bedroom. Another big win is that it can be folded for travel-I love that when we got to grandparents’ houses I’ll be able to keep baby next to me, in the same bed they’re used to.
The stand can also be flipped over and converted into a low rocker- I have a feeling Poppy and Teddy will love rocking their baby sibling. Lots of ticks for this product, hence why it was at the top of my list.

The other item I felt would be super handy (and have seen rave reviews about on Instagram) is the Cocoonababy Nest. It’s been 3.5 years since I last had a newborn, and this is a product I wish I’d had in the past. Living on two levels, you want to move upstairs and downstairs as little as possible but need to keep baby safe, comfortable and nearby. Poppy was a baby who did not like being put down and refused to sleep unless she was being held- Cocoonababy is an ergonomic cocoon which is designed to keep babies to feeling safe and snug in an elongated semi-fetal position. They get strapped in safely with a tummy band and the design is reported to improve the length and quality of sleep, as babies are less likely to produce the involuntary, jerky movements which can often wake and upset them. The product is designed to be used at the foot of a cot (helping to accustom the baby to life after birth) but I will be keeping it downstairs and near me as I move around the house throughout the day. Another winning product because it can be taken anywhere, is easy to wash and can also minimise flat head syndrome as well as reflux.

What About Baby Clothes?

I pulled everything out of storage and washed all of Poppy and Teddy’s old baby clothes. I always use Softly Delicates Fabric Solution (I’m obsessed) when washing baby clothes and it has always kept clothes smelling beautiful and staying in great condition.
As Poppy was my first baby, I hadn’t yet realised what a pain press stud baby growsuits can be, so literally every baby girl outfit I own in newborn size has presstuds- no thanks! I’ll still use them, of course, but I have purchased a couple of extra Bonds zippies because they are far and away my preferred choice and make nappy changes easier when you are half asleep in the middle of the night.
Teddy’s old outfits did have zips, but he was a Summer baby which rules a lot of his clothes out, and when he was born, I was of the mindset that no-one sees their onesies because they’re always swaddled in blankets. Because of that, his clothes are all quite bright and lary, and seeing as this is my last baby I feel like I want to dress them like a baby. For that reason, I have purchased two gorgeous newborn outfits- one for if it’s a boy and one for if it’s a girl. Whichever one I don’t end up using I’ll give as a gift. I actually think I’ve been very restrained in this respect. Also, being my third baby, I think I’m now a lot more practical and realise it’s a waste of money buying up on tiny clothes they don’t wear for very long at all.
Each time I have a baby, I purchase a Country Road tote bag to use as the baby’s hospital bag. Then, as they grow it becomes their bag for swimming lessons and we use them to take on weekend getaways as they’re a great size for kids and easy to squish into the car boot.

What I’ve Been Wearing

The majority of this pregnancy has been spent in isolation. I purchased a few maternity dresses from Asos and some super stretchy Kookai dresses at the beginning of the year when I thought I would be out in public, but I have actually spent most of the year in pyjamas, loungewear and tracksuits. I have loved not having to buy any maternity clothes. Since school has returned, I’ve been lucky to have Ben around to do most of the school drop offs and pick ups so that I can stay at home in my questionable attire with the bump hanging out.
When I do go out, its in my ‘good’ trackies aka Third Boi sweat which I blogged about here.
I have also been wearing pre-natal pregnancy shorts by Supacore which are approved and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association. They offer support which can ease lower back pain and pelvic instability. They are very comfortable and if you have private health insurance you can also get a rebate on these shorts.

Gestational Diabetes

I’ve been able to manage my gestational diabetes with diet and exercise. The biggest change for me has been constantly looking at the clock to see when to test my blood and to ensure I am eating every 3 hours, which is definitely not something I’m used to.
The hardest target for me to control has been the morning fasting result. In order to keep this number down, the only thing I have found that works for me is to stay up until after 10.30pm to eat my ‘supper’ meal. I pair a serve of carbs with a tiny bit of protein- either Vitawheat biscuits with cheese slices or a small amount of ice-cream with a handful of almonds has worked. Another snack that seems to work for me (which I read about online) is Snickers ice cream bars (although I don’t know if that’s something that I will be admitting to any health professionals).
I have become used to managing this condition as time has gone on and it’s not the overwhelming big deal I thought it was at first. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to pricking my finger for (hopefully) the last time after giving birth and not having to think so much about every single meal.

What I’ve Been Using in my Skincare Routine
It can be very confusing to know which products are allowed during pregnancy and which ones are a no-no. The following products are ones I have researched, feel comfortable using and have made their way into my pregnancy skincare routine.

Cleanse with DMK Deep Pore Cleanser which I purchased from Bare Laser and Skin Clinic
Aspect Extreme C 20 serum which I purchased from Adore Beauty.
Aspect Extreme B 17 also from Adore Beauty-I pump this into my hand to cocktail in with the Extreme C serum.
Lamcome Advanced Genefique Anti-Aging Serum
Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra Hydrating Water Gel
Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream available from Priceline
La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ sunscreen also at Priceline.

Cleanse with Go-To Skin Care ‘Fancy Face’ Oil cleanser
Lancome Advanced Genefique Anti-Aging Serum
Skin Physics Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel available at Priceline
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex


I am onto my second bottle of L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil which I purchased from Adore Beauty (I’m a sucker for free shipping so purchase a lot of my beauty products there). This is pricey for a belly oil but I am absolutely in love with the smell and the way this product sinks into my skin. I have been using it twice a day and who knew an oil in a spray bottle would work so well? It has kept the skin on my belly beautifully hydrated and I’ll continue to buy this one post pregnancy as a general body oil- especially in Summer.

Maternity Shoot

I recently did a maternity/family shoot with the amazing Nicole from Nicole Pas Photography. I didn’t document my previous pregnancies with professional photoshoots but, seeing as this is most definitely my last pregnancy, I’m so thankful to have done this. Family photos are my favourite thing in the world and now I will have beautiful images of our family and the bump to treasure forever. It feels like we have been together forever as a happy little family of four, so I love that we will have photos of this moment in time.
I can’t wait to share the final images when they’re ready- I’ll make that a seperate blog post. For now I will say that if you’re looking for a Melbourne photographer, who takes natural family photos of kids being themselves, Nicole is your woman! She was SO wonderful with my ‘spirited’ children who are not really interested in taking direction when they’re outdoors as they’d much prefer to run around like lunatics and climb on rocks. Nicole is amazing- she has some beautiful shoot locations up her sleeve and captured candid moments of my children being their natural selves.
I have booked Nicole to come to our house and get some more family photos once the baby is born and our family is complete.

Thats it for now! Time is moving extremely slowly now as we are all so excited to meet the newest member of our family.

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