Month: September 2017

Newborn and Baby Photography- My Experience and Tips

Whilst pregnant with Poppy, I started looking for a newborn photographer. I remember googling for Melbourne photographers and spending lots of time going through portfolios and looking at all the different styles. There are definitely two main types of photography to choose from. There’s the natural, candid style and then there’s the styled, posed shots […]

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Poppy Turns 3 {How to Host a Princess Party}

Poppy recently turned 3. I wanted her to have a birthday party this year because it’s the first time she has had her own real little friends. They’re at such an adorable age and its also the first year she’s understood what’s going on- she was super excited in the lead up to her birthday. Poppy […]

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Let’s Get (More) Personal

I love celebrating milestones, events and anniversaries. Since having kids I’ve definitely gone next level for them, celebrating and documenting every single special occasion. For Poppy’s birthday recently, I ensured we had a special birthday card for her. In fact, because I couldn’t choose between a couple of cute princess ones, she received one ‘from […]

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