Summer is nearly here and that puts me in such a happy mindset. This year I am looking forward to new adventures as a family of four- weekend escapes, trips to the beach and more time spent outdoors.

The one thing I absolutely can’t stand about the arrival of warmer weather is the bugs. Mosquitoes, flies and sand flies drive me insane and no matter how many citronella candles I light or how much basil we grow in our garden, they’re always still there lurking. It’s something we are always really conscious of because poor Poppy gets a bad reaction if she is bitten- the bites turn into massive welts on her skin that take forever to go away.
I hate using insect sprays in rooms where the children will be sleeping but to stop mosquitoes in the summer we have had to spray their room a few hours before bedtime….until now.

A product has just been released by The GroCompany Australia that will be a game-changer for people, like us, who live in insect prone areas and anyone travelling with little ones.
The Insect Shield Grobag is designed to protect sleeping babies against fleas, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, flies and midges. It is safe, effective and was awarded the most innovative nursery product in 2016.  This is absolute gold for parents who love camping with little ones (I’ve heard these people exist but I’m certainly not one of them!) or anyone travelling overseas to tropical and humid destinations.

I’ve recently been planning a family holiday and the closest tropical destinations for Aussies- Northern Queensland, Bali, Fiji and Thailand all play host to threatening insect borne diseases. This product can give peace of mind knowing that your little one is protected. You might be wondering how this sorcery is possible and I wondered the same thing. It’s the result of years of research. Insect Shield looks and feels no different to any other Grobag but it contains an active ingredient which is a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum plants. It’s natural, odourless and safe for babies. Although we can’t see or smell it, the insects can.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Grobags are a product I swear by. I used them long before any sort of affiliation with The Gro Company and they have been the only brand of sleeping bag I have ever purchased for my kids.

So far we’ve used them for both kids and ours are still in great condition, although poor Teddy may not be happy about the constant photos I take of him sleeping in Poppy’s old floral, lacey and pink designs. As Teddy grows out of them, we stockpile them in tubs ready for if we decide to have a third baby.

Recently Teddy was lucky enough to be sent some designs from the new Spring/Summer range. The Gro Company Australia have released new girl, boy and gender neutral designs in 0.5 and 1.0 tog options- perfect for having on hand as the weather starts to heat up. I’m loving the mint, green and blue hues for Teddy as well as the playful new designs with puppy dogs, racing cars and beach balls.

If you haven’t used Grobags before, they are a safe and EASY sleep solution for babies. Instead of using loose sheets and blankets in the cot you just pop one of these on your bub. Each one comes with a guide that tells you what your baby should be wearing underneath depending on the tog of the Grobag and the temperature of the nursery. ‘Tog’ is pretty much a word that only the secret society of parents is aware of, so if you’re reading this and wondering what it means, its a warmth rating and the higher the number, the warmer the product. They go hand in hand with the GroEgg (a nursery thermometer) which is also hugely popular and I defy you to go into any Mothers’ Group without finding multiple people using one of these.

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