Month: November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For the Girls

I’m a ‘lister’ and one of my favourite things about this time of year is writing what I consider to be ‘fun’ lists. I recently started listing ideas on my phone for great Christmas gifts for mothers/sisters/friends etc and I’ve transferred that list below for your festive enjoyment. In the past I have thoroughly enjoyed […]

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What’s In My Baby Bag?

My baby bag is like my third child. It’s a staple that comes with us everywhere and I actually feel weird leaving the house without it. Before I get into what’s inside mine, I’ll quickly tell you the story behind my baby bag and how I came to settle on the one I love, because […]

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A Day in the Life

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of ‘A Day in the Life’ blogs until the lovely Brooke (above) drew my attention to them. Since then, I’ve been binging on them- it’s so fun to have a little snoop into other people’s lives. The above group of ladies have all either blogged or vlogged about […]

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