I must admit that I hadn’t heard of ‘A Day in the Life’ blogs until the lovely Brooke (above) drew my attention to them. Since then, I’ve been binging on them- it’s so fun to have a little snoop into other people’s lives.

The above group of ladies have all either blogged or vlogged about 24 hours in their life (check out the links below). Here’s 24 hours in mine:

6.00 Pretty much bang on the dot I awake to the sound of Teddy talking in his cot. I go and get him and bring him back to my bed to give him his morning feed. Ben is already in Poppy’s room as she had called out for us earlier in the morning.

6.30 I take Teddy downstairs, turn on the coffee machine and boil the kettle. I play with Teddy on the living room floor. Poppy wakes up and comes charging in with a random hat and announces it’s her ‘holiday hat’. She’s excited because it’s the day of her swimming lessons.

7.00 Ben gets up and starts to make breakfast for the kids. I start to grab Poppy’s things together for her swimming lesson. I run back upstairs, have a quick shower and get dressed.

7.30 I down a coffee and take over feeding Teddy. He has been shutting his mouth firmly and refusing to eat because it’s not apple puree (come on Ted, you’re nearly 10 months old now). I get Poppy changed and brush her hair. Her hair is super thick and difficult to brush but today I do it with minimal effort because it’s about to get wet anyway.

8.30 We arrive at the pool ready for Poppy’s lesson. I don’t always go along; her lesson cuts into Teddy’s morning sleep time. I haven’t been in a while and she’s made lots of progress which I really want to see, so Teddy’s nap time has been sacrificed. Poppy is super cute in the water with her goggles on and, as always, is extremely bold. Ben and I quietly chuckle as we watch her with the teacher- she’s a bundle of energy and is constantly dunking herself underwater to impress us. Teddy is very interested in everything going on around him but is also sleepy so he snuggles into me as we watch Poppy in the water.

9.45 After a stop at the kiosk to get our girl some killer pythons (her reward for listening to the teacher), we head home. I put a very tired Teddy in his cot for a sleep. I then have another coffee with Ben, strip the sheets on the beds, and run through a few loads of washing- totally glam, I know!

12.00 Teddy is awake. I feed him lunch then dress him.

12.15 We all get in the car and drive to IKEA, where we’ve decided to go and grab some lunch. I’ve been hunting for a photo frame they sell there and it’s never in stock. I’m hoping they’ll have it this time (they don’t). While we are there we lose track of time looking at furniture and cushions. We also let Poppy run wild in an indoor playground for a little bit because she has been really good waiting while we browse. My phone goes flat and I remember I have visitors (one of my brothers and a mutual friend) arriving to stay at our house and have dinner with us.

3.20  We get home, I unpack my IKEA haul consisting of ten cushions to sit in our bay window. At this point I realise I may have gone a little overboard with the cushions and the covers all need an iron but there’s no time for that now. We pop Moana on Netflix for Poppy to have some downtime as our friends arrive. I actually forget to photograph at this point as there’s a lot going on. We just got a ‘Google Home’ so everyone has fun taking turns choosing random 80s and 90s songs to listen to as we all catch up.

5.00 Our visitors want to check out Leo’s supermarket (we are obsessed with Leo’s) so they head off to choose some cheeses for us all to enjoy. I feed Teddy his dinner, change into some chill out clothes (pjs) then take him into the bathroom for his ‘Duckie bath’, which he gets super excited about. Poppy is in the background desperate for her turn to have a bath. When Teddy was still in a bath seat they used to have one together. Now that he’s sitting, he’s super difficult to bath- he launches himself into the water with such force that it’s a constant and dangerous battle to stop him drowning. Because of this, he is currently contained in his own duckie bath (which has a grippy base so he’s not sliding around everywhere like a slippery slug).

6.00 I quickly put Teddy in his pyjamas then go to look for Ben who has randomly disappeared. I find him in the backyard talking to a neighbour over the fence ‘Home Improvement’ style. I hand him Teddy and head back to the bathroom for round two with Poppy. She requests that I pretend to be Elsa and she’s ‘Baby Anna’ and we have some very random conversations in strange accents.

6.30 I breastfeed Teddy and read him some books. He absolutely loves ‘Dear Zoo’ and shakes with excitement when he sees it, so that’s one we read every day. The other books are usually random baby books from the library.

7.00 I put Teddy to bed in his cot. He self settles fairly quickly and without too much fuss at night (veeeery different to what Poppy was like). Our visitors are back so I head out to enjoy some cheese/wine/drinks with them and we discuss what to order for dinner. Poppy is still awake and Uncle Rhett is her ‘chosen one’ to read her stories. Ben takes her to bed, our guests kindly go and grab us Thai takeaway for dinner and I sit down to jot down notes for this blog post.

8.00 Both kids are asleep and everyone sits down for dinner, which is absolutely delicious. We are happy to have found another great restaurant close to where we live. We moved into this house at the beginning of the year and since then have been on a misson to discover great restaurants in our area. We all chat, watch a few TV shows together, then everyone decides to have an early night.

10.30 Bedtime. I take my makeup off, brush my teeth and grab a glass of water. I am one of those people who can fall asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow so its safe to say I was asleep by 10.40.

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A special thanks to Brooke for organising this little project- it’s been really fun to document a day in our lives and I look forward to doing it again in the future XX

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