I love Easter, and have such fond memories of Easter during my childhood, so naturally I want to make it magical and special for my kids. I’ve started organising bits and pieces to give my little babes on Easter Sunday. I do this knowing full well that my children’s grandparents and other family/friends will give them so much chocolate that we’ll have to confiscate most of it and hide it on the top shelf of the pantry (to eat ourselves). There are plenty of other sweet Easter-themed treats and gifts available, so I’ve put together some of my top picks below. If you feel like doing some Easter shopping this week, read below because I’m your enabler!

Easter Outfits

The mainstream shops seem to know we (or I….there’s a chance I’m self-funding them) can’t go past clothing with a bunny on it (or anything pink!) and every year around this time they release the goods. Poppy had Seed’s version of the above bunny tutu last year. It’s true to size but I bought it a size up and she has worn it frequently throughout the last 12 months so if you’re planning on getting one I definitely suggest choosing a size up. This year’s version is similar and super cute ($59.95) here. The baby girl version is totally adorable ($49.95 here). Next is a cute bunny pom pom tee ($29.95 here) and a bunny knit dress ($20 here).

If you have a little girl you will love Ellie’s Handmade. I’ve been buying Poppy dresses and rompers from this store for Poppy since she was 9 months old. Tash, the owner, is mega talented and has access to fabrics that will make you swoon. Around Easter she releases dresses and playsuits in bunny/Easter themed fabrics and I always try to grab one for Poppy to wear over the long weekend (Poppy wore the pink rabbit dress above last year and also has a matching one for her baby doll). If you think about what you would pay for a dress in a retail store that’s made in bulk overseas and compare it to what you are paying for these gorgeous Australian handmade pieces (currently ranging from $31.95-$44.95), I’m sure you’ll agree these are a steal. Be warned, if you know you want one, I recommend setting an alarm on your phone as I’m not the only one who is ‘on’ to these dresses and they do sell out fast. You can find her latest designs here.

For little boys I found the above bunny/stripe knit at Country Road ($49.95). We have owned a few of these knits over the years and they always wash well and are still in good condition when we pass them down to family and friends. The Hux Baby bunny pants are unisex and made with 100% GOTS certified cotton ($44.95). I love the cute grey knit overalls for a smaller child ($49.95) and the bunny puffa vest is an absolute steal at $18 here.

Hux Baby is a brand I am loving for both boys and girls. The bunny/bear tee is available here. The bunny mesh cap is $24.95 here. Nature Baby Everyday tee is made with GOTS certified cotton $29.95 here. Miann & Co have put together Easter Outfit packs. They Grey Rabbit Jumper outfit pack is $109 here.

Easter PJs

Just like Christmas PJ’s, Easter PJ’s is now definitely a ‘thing’ and it’s right up my alley. This is one item I plan on getting my kids for their Easter baskets this year.
Black and white bunny pyjamas ($54.95) here. Light grey grid bunny pyjamas (also $54.95) here. Bunny knit jumpsuit ($59.95) here. Bunny nighty ($49.95) here.

I’m currently deciding between the Flower Bunny PJ set ($49.95) here and the larger Flower bunny print set ($49.95) here. Papinelle has a lovely bunny print ($44.95) here and the Seed Fluffy bunny pyjamas look cosy ($39.95) here.

I love the navy unisex baby pj set ($39.95 here), the Junior girls Easter Set ($49.95 here), the Bunny Graphic Short Sleep Set (Currently $32 here) and the pink and grey Bunny Sleep Set (Currently reduced to $19 here).

Easter Baskets

I love the Easter baskets found at Pottery Barn Kids. Poppy has one and this year we’ll get Teddy one of his own. We use them for collecting hunting eggs in the garden on Easter Sunday but throughout the year Poppy’s holds hairclips and headbands.
You often need to buy a liner and a basket separately but this year they have released a selection of bucket styles as well. Both the liners and the buckets are machine washable, which makes sense seeing as they’ll likely get chocolate on them when littlies need to stop and have a taste mid egg hunt. A few of my favourites are above.


If you have a little one who is perhaps celebrating their first Easter and you’d like to acknowledge the occasion with a special keepsake OR you want to give something useful, cutlery and tablewear make a great gift. Whilst they may not necessarily use it straight away, I can guarantee it will get tonnes of use and if there’s anything parents love, its useful stuff. I have bought both cheap utensil /tablewear sets from Kmart and the pricier (and cuter) ones from the likes of Pottery Barn Kids and I can tell you that, in this instance, you definitely get what you pay for. We throw all of ours in the dishwasher and the cheapie cutlery and plates have become all scratched and faded while the PBK ones have lasted the distance with the design being in tact and still looking like new (don’t put the tumblers in the dishwasher though). A few of my faves are above and found here.

For Baby

One of my favourite Easter gifts to share are these NanaHuchy bunnies  ($40.00) pictured above. Poppy was given the pink one as a gift before she was born and we adore it. The thing that makes them super special is that they have an inbuilt music box. When you pull their tail they play the magical Brahms’ lullaby. I kept Poppy’s on her changing table and she always looked at/listened to/played with it as I changed her.
I used developmental mirrors for both my kids during tummy time and this Peter Rabbit one is the cutest I have seen (currently reduced to $25.92 here). The Peter rabbit pram toy is currently on sale for $17.28 here,
The Teething Egg is another great idea for a little bub. I bought a few of these to have in different handbags for Teddy, but they do have a clip so that you can attach them to your child’s clothing. They’re $24.95 here.

Another practical winner for me is the breathable Boppy the Bunny ($19.95) by The Gro Company Australia. Whilst no toys should not be left inside a baby’s cot, these cute and clever little friends have Air-flow technology making them hypoallergenic and meaning you can breathe right through them. Another option for little ones is the Baby Bunny Blue Comforter $16.95 (here). I also love hooded towels and there’s cute a bunny (currently reduced to $23.95) option here.
During my search for cool products to put in this post I found Bob the Bunny. He’s a super cute bath toy/teether made from 100% natural latex. He’s $25.95 here.



The stores are filling with bunnies, chicks and ducks. They’re not practical but if you have a child that LOVES soft toys you are probably going to go here anyway. Here are some cute toy finds. Princess Meghan Bunny (I want it for the name!) $75 here. Bronte Ballet bunny ($69.95 here), Jellycat bunny in a gorgeous unusual bluebell shade (currently on sale here)  and sweet lamb toys ($29-$69 here).

Basket Fillers

Just some little bits and bobs I thought were cute that could go into a child’s easter basket. Bunny clip ($4.95) here. Kids bunny gloves (can also get in navy/grey) $24.95 here. Bunny wand ($9.95) here. Bunny socks $6.95 here.


Bath bombs are a great little basket filler and perhaps also a great way to help kids calm down at the end of an exciting day. Cream Egg (Bubbleroon) bath bombs are $9.50 here. The Free Rangers bath bombs are $11.95 here.
Egg shaped chalk is one way to fill in some time during the holidays it’s currently on sale here.


A great little gift to pop in an Easter basket. I’ve included some classics and some fun choices. We have a copy of That’s Not My Bunny (and many others in the series), they’re bright, colourful and touchy feely. My kids just love them! It’s $14.95 here. Peter Rabbit is a tried and tested classic ($29.99) here. The Magic Bunny’s illustrations are lovely and this book would look gorgeous on display in a child’s room ($19.95) here. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is a book I remember having read to me as a child and it’s one that I think Poppy will really enjoy this year ($19.98) here.

Some more sweet reads are: The Story of the Easter Bunny ($11.77 here), Marshmallow ($22.89 here), The Biggest Easter Basket Ever ($7.54 here) and Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter ($9.65 here),

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