One of the ‘presents’ I have always bought for myself is flowers.
I’ve always loved them; as a kid I found it fun to look at gardens with my mum, to learn the names of flowers and make posies for grandmothers. I even named my daughter after a flower.

I love the injection of colour and beauty in our living areas and looking at them definitely boosts my mood and makes me happy (I should have been a florist so I could be surrounded by them all the time).

At my wedding we spent a large portion of our budget on flowers. If you have ever seen my wedding photos on Instagram, we had an arch that was made entirely of fresh flowers- roses, lilac, hydrangea, peonies, lavender and stock. The photos don’t do it justice and although it was expensive, I don’t regret it for a second- standing under a canopy of my favourite flowers for such a special moment in time was just magical.

So I’m clearly obsessed but why do I buy flowers for myself?

  1. Ben can’t stand that they’re dead a week after buying them- this absolutely pains him.
  2. I love the process of choosing them myself and get especially excited when I find the perfect shade of pink- not super pale and not a hot pink- that beautiful perfect medium is my version of catnip.
  3. They really do bring me joy and a bonus is that I will literally clean the whole house so that they actually look nice in a vase.

So now that I’ve set the scene you know that flowers are my bag. I know what I love and I am finicky with my taste. I am thrilled to collaborate with My Lasting Bouquet in preparation for Mother’s Day.

My Lasting Bouquet is an opulent floral atelier founded on romance, luxury and individuality. They create REAL roses that last a whole year. I absolutely love the concept of having a beautiful arrangement in my home that I can enjoy for a considerable amount of time.


As you can see with these photos I am beyond impressed with my Lasting Belle arrangement in Princess Pink (which is what I shall now use to refer to my ‘perfect medium toned rose’).

Fun fact- Poppy’s name is Poppy Winter Belle; the ‘Belle’ comes from Beauty & the Beast as I’m obsessed with Disney movies and just HAD to add this to her name. Given this fact, I’m sure you can appreciate my admiration for this beautiful rose even more. Poppy obviously knows the fairy tale and thinks this rose is pretty special as well.

I chatted to Clara from My Lasting Bouquet and asked her a few questions about their roses and this gorgeous Australian company.

TA: Your roses really do last for one year. A lot of people might think this means they’re sprayed with something nasty, but that’s not the case at all, is it?

MLB:  No of course not! Our roses are selected and handpicked in Ecuador at their most peak and perfect state. They are then treated with a proprietary glycerine based oil for 2-3 weeks, which preserves the beauty of the roses for over a year.
The oils used are non-toxic and non-chemically reactive, therefore they do not represent any risk for human health nor for the environment.

TA: What is the most popular colour at the moment? Do colour different colours become more popular at different times of the year? (Mothers Day, Valentines Day etc)?

MLB: Our most popular rose colour would have to be the Cherry Red! Red is popular all year long as it can convey many different emotions such as love, respect, devotion and admiration.
The second most favourite rose colour would be our Princess Pink Roses (especially for Mother’s Day) as they are symbolic of gratitude, appreciation, friendship and grace.

TA: Are there any upcoming trends with your arrangements you can tell me about?

MLB: We do have a new Mother’s Day collection which will be launching in the next week or so- which is exciting!
The Mother’s Day collection will include luxurious limited-edition home décor arrangements and will feature some exciting new colours and textures.

TA: Any great proposal stories you know about from customers?

MLB: One of the most rewarding parts of working for My Lasting Bouquet is being able to meet and be a part of many people’s special life moments- especially proposals! Although we have MANY great proposal stories, one that I personally LOVED was a Disney themed proposal.
Our customer Dan and his partner Jane had been dating ever since they were 15 in high school. Jane loved Disney, and Dan made a promise to her that one day he would take her to Disneyland and would propose to her there.
Seven years went past, and Dan got in contact with us as he wanted to use our Beauty and the Beast inspired “Lasting Belle” rose in his proposal. Dan wanted the proposal to come a surprise to Jane and so he turned Jane’s backyard into Disneyland! He had songs playing from Jane’s favourite Disney movies in the background, he had built a model of the Disney castle, and had organised fireworks for the big moment! Jane was out with her best friend while Dan was setting it all up, and she returned home to Disneyland in her backyard.
Dan had the Lasting Belle on a stand and we had organised a “Will You Marry Me?” plaque on the base of the Lasting Belle where the ring was placed.
Jane said YES and at that moment, Dan pulled out two Disneyland tickets! It was such a thoughtful and sweet proposal!

Mother’s Day is just over 4 weeks away so if you are wanting a unique gift for someone like me who loves roses, My Lasting Bouquet have very kindly created a discount code for my readers to receive $30 off any purchase- just enter TARA30 at the checkout.

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