Last week I headed to Metricon’s Ultimate Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed.
This event was held in Balwyn at their La Pyrenee show home, which is INCREDIBLE. If you’re not too far away it is well worth a drive and a look- I intend on taking both my hubby and my mum back there soon for another browse around as it’s the most luxurious show home I’ve ever laid eyes on, and the kitchen….don’t get me started on the kitchen- DREAM! Photos don’t even do it justice.

We all walked around gushing over how we’d love to live there as we sipped on sparkling wine or fresh coffees and, in my case, ate way more pastries than we should have (Pastries were out of this world, and from Tivoli Road Bakery.
Metricon had their senior interior stylist Jacinta Evans, there, along with Chris Carroll of TLC Interiors and they demonstrated how to create some distinct and on-trend bedroom looks using the latest season bedding and accessories from Bed, Bath N’ Table.

My favourite tip from the day was one from Jacinta, who showed a modern way to make a bed by layering texture (in this case, fur) as a bottom layer, then folding the quilt back on itself so it’s basically in half and then adding more texture on top with a throw.
Another thing I discovered is that there’s never ‘too many’ throw cushions. I took lots of snaps for myself, not necessarily for this blog post, so that I could go back and copy the pillow/cushion configurations in the future. It’s something I find looks easy and ‘makes sense’ in stores but when I start to do it at home I wonder if I’ve gone overboard. I’ve popped the pics in here in case anyone else wants inspiration for their own bed.

Tara Dixon, from No Cake for Breakfast was also on hand sharing her favourite sleepwear items for the season and I have to say, I didn’t even know that Bed, Bath N’ Table sold sleepwear before this event but it’s definitely worth a look. We all loved these cable knit boots.

I’ve blogged about Metricon’s Masterclasses before (here and here). If you are looking to build then I definitely recommend signing up to their mailing list to be notified of future events. The events are FREE and are always lots of fun. I always walk away with ideas and information for my own home. You can sign up to Metricon’s newsletter and be notified of future events here.

My outfit details:
Dress- Layered Dress with Lace Trims $69.95 here.
Shoes- Nine west (old).

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  1. Oh my goodness I think this is the home dreams are made of! I love the Metricon workshops. They had a table styling workshop in my area a few weeks ago. It was such a fun night out. I’m looking forward to attending a few more in the coming months x

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

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