When I walked out of my appointment at Olivia Catherine Skin Concept, I was beaming. Not only had I been treated to a facial that had me looking in the mirror admiring my glowy, clean skin for the remainder of the night (those who have had one of Olivia’s hydro-dermabrasion facials will understand that they are seriously addictive), I felt like I had found a beauty specialist who knew how to get the best results for my skin. More importantly, I had found one I trusted to get the results, because she had the knowledge to explain to me exactly how and why ingredients work.

This was my first time meeting Olivia and from the outset I was blown away by her professionalism and knowledge. ‘More than just a facial’ is Olivia’s tagline and it could not be more accurate. Olivia really is the ultimate professional and with over ten years experience in the industry, her knowledge of skincare is second to none. If I asked about a particular ingredient or product, she could tell me about it. I don’t just mean reciting information from the packaging either- she goes in depth at a molecular level and absolutely knows her stuff. I was not surprised to learn that she has previously managed some pretty swanky spas including the one at Qualia resort and has even worked her magic on royalty.

Prior to this appointment I didn’t have regular facials. In fact, for me they are so few and far between that when I started a round of facials before my wedding in 2013 they told me I was “too late” (not even joking!). It’s not that I haven’t cared for my skin at all, I just prioritised other parts of my life and in recent years felt super guilty leaving my kids with someone else to get professional treatments done. NOW however, I’m on a different path. I have a beauty drawer full of gorgeous products that I LOVE, and which work, but I know simply can’t get these results at home.

I asked Olivia to share some of her top tips for caring for skin in Winter and she has kindly offered some gems below.

  1. Sunscreen – every day. As we get into the winter months- it’s the most common misconception that people can stop using their sunscreen because they can’t see the sun, but the UV rays are just as strong and do just as much damage to our skin. Sunscreens have also come a long way, gone are the days where they are greasy and too thick. I recommend Cosmedix Reflect Moisturing Spray on Sunscreen – perfect for reapplying if you’re outside – even on top of make-up. Win Win!
    (I purchased one of these from Olivia and I second the fact that this is a fab product. It truly sinks into your skin without leaving any greasiness).
  2. Water, and lots of it. I hear It all the time from clients that they just don’t drink enough water. My top tip is adding a few teaspoons of Liquid Chlorophyll into their water bottle – side benefit of this is it naturally helps wounded cells repair themselves & behave like healthy cells. It is a potent antioxidant which neutralises free radicals, which are responsible for disrupting collagen production and DNA. It also alkalizes the body and enhances the detoxification of the body. Clients report of a renewed glow about their skin after ongoing use and they’re drinking more water. Win, Win!
  3. Get expert advice. When a client comes in to see me, and outlines their skincare routine – sometimes it is as simple as changing how they’re using certain products and perhaps implementing one or two new products to really enhance their skin at home.
  1. Use a serum! This is where the investment  of your skincare line is. Serums are formulated with smaller molecules and they are formulated to target your ultimate concern; whether that be dehydration, breakouts or pigmentation. A serum is where it’s at!!!
  2. If you’re not using a toner, ensure you don’t completely dry off your face when you get out of the shower. Pop your serum and moisturiser on whilst your face is still slightly damp as this can help your skin to “drink” and absorb the next products.
    I have a competition running over on Instagram for one lucky follower to win a hydro-dermabrasion facial with Olivia so please head over there and check it out!
    Tara X

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