Last week I was invited, along with some other Melbourne mums, to participate in a workout with Sam Wood, ex bachie and founder of the 28 by Sam Wood program.

I didn’t quite know what to expect during the workout as, in all honesty, I’m not the most active person in the world, and am never sure I’m doing steps correctly, but the promise of a delicious brunch afterwards was good incentive for me to attend and give it a go.

So why did Sam invite a group of mums to this event? With the arrival of little Willow earlier this year, Sam and his partner, Snezana, are all too aware of the challenges facing parents when it comes to making time to exercise. Sam is proud to be able to offer a program which is perfect for mums because all you need is 28 minutes and a phone. The workouts can be done anywhere, anytime and the program offers different fitness levels including options for pregnancy.

We completed our session in the sunshine at a local park with our kids playing nearby (some children did the steps right next to their mum and were used as resistance in the workout).


So what did I think of the workout? Well, I was able to participate in it fully- the steps were simple to complete and didn’t require any special knowledge so I felt I was doing ok. I chose the easier version for some of the steps (e.g. push-ups on knees) and by the end of the workout I was definitely struggling and looking for water. Sam smiled and promised us we would all survive but my incentive actually came from watching the stunning Snezana, who does the program and looks incredible for someone who has just had a baby.
At the end, I was super proud of myself for completing the workout and looking forward to that promised brunch. I should add that some of the steps we were doing must have required me to use muscles that I never use, because for a few days after the workout I was very sore- like, couldn’t sit or squat down sore. I was about to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and was very worried I would be hobbling down the aisle! Sam had us using little resistance bands around our legs (which can be purchased here) which I had never used before and I am guessing these were the exercises that got my dormant muscles working. The pain subsided after a couple of days of me googling “How longs does DOMS last?” and I must admit that the pain made me all the more eager to keep going because I feel like that 28 minutes had made a difference- imagine if I did this regularly.

Our brunch consisted of recipes from the program and everything I tried was delicious. I wouldn’t classify myself as a particularly terrible eater as I have a good understanding of food, but I do appreciate taste and let’s just say I have never sacrificed on that front. The food was tasty, interesting and had me wondering what other recipes these guys have to offer because I could happily live off meals like this and not feel I was missing out. We tried Green Cheese Fritters, Avocado and Goats Cheese Smash, Kiwi, Lime and Coconut Bircher, Chickpea Breakfast Bowl, Spanish Baked Beans and Tahini Granola with Yoghurt. You better believe I tried everything and washed it all down with a Chai Nana Smoothie. FYI the program does cater for vegetarian and gluten free diets as well.

Given that thousands of mums are already on his program, I asked Sam about the top 5 questions that mums like me ask him all the time.

1. How do I exercise when I have a small child at home?
When you have small children, home workouts will always beat the gym as they’re much more convenient and realistic. It’s always fun to get your kids involved, whether this be by using them as resistance or letting them play on the floor while you do your workout. If you have to stop halfway because of a crying baby or a cranky toddler, that’s fine- do the rest later! Do what you can, when you can and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

2. What’s more important food or exercise?
Both are equally as important. You’re far better off being an 8/10 in both than a 10 in 1 and a 4 in the other. Remember, sleep and rest are important too.

3. How do you deal with fussy eaters?
I have found that you get the best success with fussy eaters by getting them involved in the food preparation process. Whether this be choosing recipes, doing the shopping with you, measuring out ingredients or simply by making normal, everyday food fun.

4. What does Snez do to get in shape?
She does the 28 program! After Willow, she started off just by walking and then gradually she introduced the 28 post-natal workouts into her routine.

5. Can I really get amazing results working out from home?
Absolutely. Move every day, just eat real food (JERF) and trust the process. Just look at some of my 28ers

If you’d like to find out more about the 28 by Sam Wood program head over to the website here.

Tara x


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